Thank you for visiting with us today. We believe today is the day of destiny for your life. God loves you and before the world was formed, He set an appointed time for you to be right here, right now, reading this message. How is that for destiny? We invite you to read the information on our website...

Senior Pastor Lynward H. Hunter Sr.








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"Victory By Any Means Necessary...His Love"

Minister Amoke Wedington


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Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

When you're in water over your head, there's no use in turning back. If you can't touch the ground, just keep swimming. Backstroke, baby, but keep moving. If you've gone that far, go where no man has gone before. 

Some people are content to live in the shallows of life, but that's where all the dirt is. All the trash floats in the shallow water. Don't paddle on the beach, set your sail for the horizon. Get out of the boat of religion and walk with Jesus! [more]